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Premier Home Inspection Tips – Keep Your Home In Great Condition

After a harsh, cold Wisconsin winter,  it is necessary to go through you home and inspect appliances you used a lot, or are going to start using again. Premier Home Inspection has some tips for you to check, to keep your house safe and in a great condition.


1) Tend to your furnace filter.

Once Jack frost has packed his bags for good, its time to give his mortal enemy- your furnace -a bit of TLC. Your furnace filter should be either cleaned or replaced every spring. Some models can be cleansed with a hose and reused, and others need to be replaced altogether.

2) Prepare Your Air-conditioner.

It wont be long before the sweltering summer heat descends on you and your family, so why not prep for it? Give your cooling system a test drive and listen for any unusual noises. Clean leaves off of the outside condensing unit and ensure nothing is around it to obstruct air flow. Clean out the condensate hose. Call a professional inspector to screen for more serious problems.

3) Check up on your water heater.

Make sure your water heater is venting properly and not leaking.

4) Clear grease out of your kitchen exhaust hood and air filter.

Its easy for cooking grease to accumulate within your exhaust system. To prevent a fire, clean it out once a year. Its also important to clean the stove top burners to prevent buildup of combustible foods.

5) Investigate your electrical system.

Its important to look out for a multitude of sins, including loose-fitting plugs, dead switches, burn marks, and uncovered outlets. These all lead to an increased risk of fire. Be sure to trip and reset circuit breakers and use the proper wattage in your light bulbs as well. Also test all GFCI outlets for proper operation.

6) Survey your home for miscellaneous repairs.

Are there any cracks in your driveway? Hows your roof doing? Have any water damage to your exterior siding or trim? The ravages of winter may have taken their toll in a number of places. Do a quick check of the exterior of your home before settling into the pleasures of spring. Also check the interior of the home to ensure there are no plumbing leaks or water damage. If repairs are needed spring is a great time to get them done.

7) Clean out the dryer vent.

Lint is extremely flammable and can be potential fire hazard if your dryer vent isn’t cleaned properly. Be sure to clean the exhaust pipe that leads from the dryer to outside and also inspect and clean the vent flapper to ensure small animals can’t get in.

8) Review fire safety.

Discuss an emergency plan with your family in case of a fire. If you don’t already have a fire extinguisher its a good idea to get one. Check it periodically to ensure its full and ready to use. Test all smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.

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