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Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

Prepare your home for a quick sale by taking some time and little effort.  The home buying season is upon us and here are steps that you can take to ensure a quick sale.  First impressions is essential to attracting buyers, but there’s other things you can do to get the offers rolling in.

Hiring the right real estate agent.  This is stressful business so choosing the right agent will calm and minimize those worries.  Hire an agent with-up-to-date marketing techniques.  Look online and research various agents in your local area by asking for recommendations.  Their techniques will set yourself up for a quick sale.

Price it right from the start.  

House prices rise and fall so it can be difficult to know which price to tag your home at.   Sellers think they should start high then lowering it if the home doesn’t sell.  This can result in lower sales and a lower price.   The price your home fetches can depend on the area, the pocket of that area, the street and, in some cases, even which end or side of the street the home is on.

Increase “curb appeal”

First impressions sell, you want them to walk up to your place feeling impressed and ready to see more.  Do whatever it takes to create that first impression.  This could be as simple as adding new sod, planting flowers, painting the front door, or replacing the mailbox.  This can mean a quick sale.

Update and de-clutter.

A bad impression can be given as soon as they walk into the front door.  This doesn’t have to be a major overhaul.  Freshen up the rooms by giving them a fresh coat of paint in neutral warm tones.  Make sure the rooms are clutter free and airy as possible.  Remove items so the room looks bigger.  Remove excess furniture and knickknacks.  Take down family photos religious items and political posters.  If you want you can clean the carpets or if its easier hire a cleaning service.   Toss away items that are broken or damaged.  While your at it , replace any light fixtures or exterior light bulbs that have burned out. (This will be one less item the home inspector will write up as a defect on his report).  Displaying important documents is comforting to a future home buyer.  Warranty papers for appliances and home improvements.  Its comforting to know that the water heater was just replaced last year and has a 10 year warranty with it.

Don’t get in there way.   When potential buyers come to view your property, let them wander freely around the house with the agent. You want them to feel comfortable and as though they can spend time looking at each room freely. Be ready also to answer any questions after the viewing.

Remove your pets.    Hide the dog dishes and the cat litter boxes ( or hide them to the point that there unnoticeable ).  You do not want a buyer to know that a pet lives in the home.

Have great photos and lots of them. Most home buyers start their search online and decide which homes they want to see based on photos.  Your agent should take charge of adding clear photos in your listing.

Whats “life in the neighborhood like”. Photos in the home, neighborhood, nearby recreation, schools, dining.  This is good information in the listing.  Your not only marketing your home – your marketing the lifestyle.

As a home inspector with  premier-home-inspections  our time in the home can be cut down if the house shows to be clean and in order.   Although experienced home inspectors have an uncanny ability to detect potential home problems, technology offers a “step up” when it’s most needed.  It’s most difficult to “see” mold and mildew behind walls, to detect a leaky pipe before there’s any evidence of water, to know when an air duct is blocked.  But thermal imaging cameras, remote temperature sensors, wireless humidity gauges, air-flow monitors and a host of other gadgets and devices help a home inspector find the hidden secrets of your home.Combined with Radon and Thermal Imaging testing, Premier Home Inspections is able to put aside many pre-purchase qualms.  A pre-listing inspection gives you and the buyer peace of mind in knowing that the future home they may be purchasing is beautiful and healthy to live in.  If your interested in a pre-listing home inspection just click on this link and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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