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Prevent Your Humidifier Becoming A Mold Magnet!


Low humidity or dry air during the harsh Midwestern winters is unavoidable. Dry air can cause damage to musical instruments, peeling of the wallpaper, cracks in wood furniture, floors, cabinets and paint, and static electricity. It even causes health related problems: itchy dry skin, inflamed airways, or becoming more vulnerable of getting sick! Most households will face these problems.

Low humidity humidifiers are often installed to prevent experiencing these issues, These devices humidify the air to a comfortable level to prevent or diminish the annoying effects.  Low humidity humidifiers also diminish circulating airborne pathogens, for example those that are causing the flu. Moist air soothes irritated, inflamed airways. A humidifier helps thin out the secretions to make breathing easier for someone with a cold and thick nasal secretions.


Central air humidifiers work with the hot-air heating system. These systems humidify air while it’s being heated. Water pumps automatically into the humidifier from the house plumbing. There are various designs available. The working principle is always the same: the humidifier turns water into vapor!

A drum type humidifier has a rotating spongy surface that adsorbs water from a tray.

A higher-end quality humidifier is the “ trickle down” type. It’s more expensive than the drum, which allows water to trickle into a water panel. Warm air from the furnace blows through the water panel into the air stream. A humidistat which controls this system is mounted at preferable location :on the wall next to the thermostat or on the drop of the furnace.


We cannot express enough the importance of maintenance of your home in general and equipment specifically. This also applies to humidifiers. Not maintaining a humidifier will lead to damage or serious health related problems as well. Problems associated with not well-maintained humidifiers include: accumulation of white dust from the minerals in the water, moisture damage due to condensation, and accumulation of mold. This organic substance grows readily in moist environments, such as a home moistened by an over-worked humidifier. Mold is especially hazardous to people with compromised immune systems.

All the mentioned types of humidifiers require regular maintenance to protect your family and your home.  Rinse the tray of a drum type humidifier often and maintain annually. Clean and maintain the“trickle down” type on a monthly base to avoid damage from leaking, and check for rust and or mold monthly.


If you haven’t yet, get a humidifier to humidify the air in your home to make living more comfortable, and if you have one, make sure you maintain it regularly and properly!

If you want us to maintain your humidifier, or get an estimate, or if you have any other questions or concerns … don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 262-483-8369.

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